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Accessibility Training for Developers

Learn about several areas of website accessibility to better prepare you to be a savvy accessibility advocate.

Website accessibility is becoming a mainstream topic, but there are still several barriers for design and development that need to be overcome in order to better serve people of all abilities navigating the web. 

Accessibility is not just important from a user perspective, but a legal one, too, as more and more organizations who have not created an accessible experience find themselves facing legal troubles for not being in compliance. 

The training involves a series of exercises to address real-world accessibility problems, conduct accessibility audits, and strategize for an accessible website. You’ll not only learn the theories but be able to apply them in practice with a real Drupal 8 website.

Training Length: 2 Days training


  • The fundamentals of web accessibility
  • The principles of web accessibility and how to ensure you are compliant
  • Tools used to conduct effective accessibility audits
  • Hands-on accessibility audit
  • Hands-on fixing of some of the most common accessibility issues on your website.
  • Common mistakes of accessibility and how to avoid them
  • Come up with a plan for ensuring your website stays accessible moving forward

Learning Objectives

  • Knowledge of fundamentals in accessibility
  • Best practices for how to write proper semantic markup
  • How to fix the most common accessibility issues
  • A good understanding of the different levels of accessibility compliance and what it takes to be compliant
  • How to plan and coordinate accessibility compliance with your stakeholders.

Who This Training is For

Developers, beginner and advanced, looking to become proficient with building accessible websites.

Drupal site builders will also benefit from this training as it introduces topics anyone working on efforts to make websites more accessible should learn.

What You Can Expect From This Course

Best practices and standards are at the core of this course. This means you will be exposed to the latest trends, processes, and tools used in today's web development to build accessible websites. 

Prior to training

Our team will support you to ensure your training experience is successful before you step foot in the door (or in these days of distance learning, before you log in to the training platform). This means we will provide guidance and support to ensure you are ready for training with your local environment and any questions you may have. In addition to providing a detailed set of instructions for setting up your local environment, we will hold a virtual call, prior to the training day, to assist anyone who needs help with their local setup.

During training

Our team will be available to answer questions and help you if you get stuck. You will be able to ask live questions and discuss issues related to the topic at hand. If necessary, you will be able to share your screen to help you debug your issues so other students can benefit from this opportunity to learn something new.

After training

In addition to providing you with world-class training material that can be accessed at any time, even after training has passed, if training is done virtually, we will share the recordings of each of the lessons we do. This is a great way to reference the training at your own pace afterward.


  • Basic experience writing CSS, HTML, and JavaScript
  • Familiarity with using the command line is helpful
  • JavaScript knowledge is helpful but not required
  • A basic understanding of Drupal 8 from a site building point of view
A Mediacurrent trainer helping a student

Other Training Opportunities

Training is critical for the success of your team and organization, but training is not easy to come by as it can be a costly investment. Public training events like this one are a perfect middle-ground of cost and quality. We feel confident you will find in Mediacurrent a training partner you can trust.