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Mediacurrent is a true partner in open source training.

Training Solutions

Our mission is to tightly collaborate with your entire team to understand your KPI’s and help drive measurable success through quality training.

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Level up your team

Stay on top of today’s demanding tech trends with customized training programs.

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Learn a new skill

Set your team up for success with one of our training workshops tailored to you.

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Learn while you build

Learn as you go. Together, we'll progress toward your project goals.


Overview of Training Topics

Learn from our team of Drupal and open source experts who partner with some of the world’s most recognized brands.



Gatsby is one of the hottest technologies nowadays because it offers superior security, speed, and performance. It is pretty powerful on its own, but when combined with Drupal, Gatsby it is a game-changer. See our current training event on this topic.

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Our experience with component-based design, theming, and development is second to none. Whether you are just getting started with Components or want to level up your skills, this custom training is for you. See our current training event on this topic.

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Accessibility is so important and it should be at the top of your list of skills to learn. Whether you are a digital strategist, designer, developer, or content editor, our modular accessibility program is for you. See our current training event on this topic.


Drupal 8 & 9 Theming

Learn everything you need to know to build modern, accessible, and responsive Drupal themes with integrated automated workflows and design systems such as Pattern Lab.

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Front-End Development

Front-end development can be complex but we've got you covered. Our skills-diverse team can break things down for a great learning experience that may include Drupal, Javascript, React, or Gatsby. See our current training event on this topic.

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Digital Strategy & UX

Is your content marketing strategy getting results? Learn how to write engaging and SEO-optimized content with an emphasis on user experience and accessibility.

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Looking for Something More Specific?

From security to performance and beyond, we can build a custom training curriculum to meet your needs. Let's connect to determine the best training path for you and your team.

Mediacurrent Learning Bits

Our team of Drupal and open source experts who partner with some of the world's most recognized brands can help your entire team drive measurable success through quality training. Join us every week for new tutorials on front-end development, back-end development, Drupal, accessibility, and more!

Setup Drupal 8 with DDEV
Twig Blocks
Drupal Attributes, title_prefix, and title_sufix

Case Study

Learn how we helped Olympus America achieve its development goals by training their in-house development team.

This might be the best documentation materials and test instance I've had for any Drupal training, ever. Very well done and using Lando is a smart move too. I had zero pain setting up my local, and that might be a first.

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What Sets Us Apart

Up-to-date instruction. Our training curriculums are tied to current technology demands and best practices. Curriculums are reviewed and updated prior to each workshop.

Ready-to-run dev environment. Our clients appreciate that we provide a development environment with all required tooling and resources for students to make the most out of the training. We conduct online help calls prior to the training event to ensure every student’s local development environment is in a working state. This ensures our time during training is spent learning about the topic at hand versus dealing with technical issues.


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