• Animation

    This is an example of the scroll to animation. It uses animate.css and wow.js.

  • Article list

    Article list component for displaying lists of blog posts, white papers, case studies, etc.

  • Banner

    Banner component with optional icon and cta

  • Breaker 2 row

    Two-row Breaker.

  • Breaker 50 50

    Page breaker with content split at 50%.

  • Breaker

    Breaker component with hero area, main content area, and cards.

  • Button

    The button component should be used as the call-to-action in a form, or as a user interaction mechanism. Generally speaking, a button should not be used when a link would do the trick.

  • Card

    The card component is used as a single or group of components to call out details about a project.

  • Case study

    Case Study.

  • Eyebrow

    The eyebrow component serves to tag content with various category terms.

  • Footer

    Footer component

  • Header

    Site header. It can include a .header--solid modifler class if it needs to have a solid blue background.

  • Hero

    Hero component which may or may not have a background image.

  • Highlights

    Highlights component.

  • Main menu

    Component for the main site menu.

  • Media card set

    A set of media cards.

  • Media card

    The related content media-card component displays teasers of related content.

  • Quote

    The quote component shows testimonial statements made by clients on a given project.

  • Search bar

    The site search bar as it appears in the header.

  • Social icons

    Social icons allow visitors to connect with us.

  • Social share

    Social share icons

  • Teaser

    Component intro text or description text. Also can be used for teaser text.

  • Title

    Component or page title