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Rain: Created for Rapid Drupal Development

Get your Drupal project to market in less than 30 days with Mediacurrent’s platform and talented experts.

Zero to Launch in 30 Days

Rain is an open-source CMS project packed with features that accelerate the web development process. Maximize your speed-to-market by partnering with our team of talented designers, strategists, and developers. Mediacurrent will launch your MVP faster so that your organization can start seeing an immediate return on your investment.

How We Do It

Mediacurrent combines a pre-built version of the best of Drupal’s community modules, administrative workflows, and development environment into an install profile called Rain.

We partner with organizations that need to launch as fast as possible. But we don’t stop there. Post-launch, we optimize your site using an agile, data-driven approach to reach your organization’s goals.

Who Sees the Benefits?

Product Owners

Marketers, designers, and strategists can make decisions faster by utilizing Rain’s pre-built features.

Admins & Content Creators

Create better content with optional editorial enhancements and flexible workflows.


Expedite Drupal website creation, configuration, and deployment to get projects done faster.

Benefits of Rain

Decoupled Ready

Pair Rain with modern web frameworks (like GatsbyJS) for a speedy end-to-end solution.


The Rain project combines content, administrative, and editorial features with a base theme and style guide for rapid development.

Component-Based Theme

Reduce design time with reusable components and a built-in style guide.


Rain ships with several built-in security hardening features that help mitigate attacks from hackers.

Open Source

Rain was created by the team at Mediacurrent, where giving back to the Drupal project is among our core values.

Admin UX Improvements

The Rain admin theme adds a better contrast for accessibility and provides an easy-to-use interface for editors and administrators.

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Rain CMS for Drupal 9

There's a better way to build and manage sites. In this video, the creator of Rain CMS shares a walkthrough of how it works.

Discover Rain 

Access a sandbox environment to see how Rain can streamline your upcoming project.