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Rain: An Enterprise Drupal Solution

Create fast, consistent Drupal 8 websites with Mediacurrent's Rain install profile

Welcome to Rain

Web Teams, We Hear You.


There's a constant pressure to streamline processes. We also understand the challenges of juggling several websites and delivering a consistent user experience across multiple domains.

Why Rain?

From user experience and design to theme setup and deployment, Rain is packed with time and budget-saving features for every step of your site build. Transform your editorial, administrative, and media experience.

Built for Speed

Pair Drupal Rain with modern web frameworks (like GatsbyJS) for a speedy end-to-end solution.


2 - 3x faster
Expedite Drupal 8 website creation, configuration, and deployment.

Cost Savings

Minimal hosting
No server-side rendering needed, lowering hosting costs.


Reduced Risk
Without server-side processes, touchpoints for attacks are reduced.

Open Source 

Rain was created by the team at Mediacurrent, where giving back to the Drupal project is among our core values. So, of course, it's open source.


Contact Us 

Schedule a Demo 

Ready to see Rain in action? Schedule a demo with our team to experience how Rain can streamline your next Drupal project.