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Mediacurrent Rain Install Profile

Install Profile

Rain: An Enterprise Drupal Solution

Create fast, consistent Drupal 8 websites with Mediacurrent's Rain install profile

Welcome to Rain

Web Teams, We Hear You.


There's a constant pressure to streamline processes. We also understand the challenges of juggling several websites and delivering a consistent user experience across multiple domains.

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Why Rain?

From user experience and design to theme setup and deployment, Rain is packed with time and budget-saving features for every step of your site build. Transform your editorial, administrative, and media experience.

Built for Speed

Pair Drupal Rain with modern web frameworks (like GatsbyJS) for a speedy end-to-end solution.


2 - 3x faster
Expedite Drupal 8 website creation, configuration, and deployment.

Cost Savings

Minimal hosting
No server-side rendering needed, lowering hosting costs.


Reduced Risk
Without server-side processes, touchpoints for attacks are reduced.


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Ready to see Rain in action? Schedule a demo with our team to experience how Rain can streamline your next Drupal project.