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Our Values

We believe these values equip Mediacurrent to make better decisions faster, inspire members to be their best selves, and move forward as a unified company.

Positive Impact

Our solutions provide a positive, measurable impact for our clients, and by extension, the lives of the people whom our clients serve. We practice user-centered principles, factoring the needs of end-users in pursuit of their individual goals.

Empathy and Inclusivity

We strive to create and maintain an environment for teammates to feel safe and welcome. We provide a safe space to comfortably share ideas and support and empower all teammates to reach their fullest potential.

Fostering Leadership

We believe that if you have the capacity and passion to influence others or drive change, you are a leader. Our leaders focus on collaboration, sharing successes and mistakes, being vulnerable, and showing mutual respect to all teammates.

Personal Growth

We believe that open-mindedness and a willingness to make big, forward-looking changes is critical to our success. We’re committed to continuous improvement in the work we do. We view change, success, and failures as opportunities for innovation that will lead to creative, exciting, and new possibilities.

Dignity and Respect 

We aim to provide a working environment where all team members treat each other with dignity and respect, free of harassment, abuse, and bullying. Our culture is inclusive and welcoming for all, and we do not stand for intolerance.

Having Fun

We believe when every teammate is empowered to follow their passion, our team becomes happier and healthier. We grow, learn, share, and take time to make friends along the way.

Giving Back

As a pillar in the open source community, giving back is core to who we are and what we do. Volunteering, donating, and getting involved helps us connect the work we do to the impact it can have on others. This creates a sense of community and connection that motivates us to do our best work.