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Webinar: What Organizations Can Expect with Drupal 8

Dates: August 12 - 12, 2014

Join Kevin Basarab and Acquia to explore the newest version of Drupal from a business owner's perspective. In this session, you’ll get to see what Drupal 8 has in store for you, including better support for mobile, internationalization, web services, HTML5 and the enterprise marketplace. For attendees already using Drupal, we’ll dive into how to prepare your site now for Drupal 8 and what you can do to get help when the newest version comes out.

We will review:

  • How Drupal 8 can help you achieve your digital goals
  • New features in Drupal 8, including better support for content authoring and mobile
  • How you can prepare for Drupal 8 now, and where to get help when you need it

Date & time: 
Tuesday, August 12, 2014 01:00 PM EDT
Duration: 60 min
Speakers: Kevin Basarab, Lead Drupal Architect, Mediacurrent

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