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The Great Drupal 8 Debate

The official release of Drupal 8 is coming Fall 2015, so community support for Drupal 6 will cease 3 months after the release date - likely by the end of the year. For many companies, this means it's time for an upgrade, but is Drupal 7 or Drupal 8 the right choice for your organization?

Drupal 8's out-of-the-box responsive design, improved software integrations and best in class editorial tools, means many organizations are planning to upgrade as soon as possible. As with any new technology, there are benefits and challenges in being an early adopter.  

This eBook guides you through the decision making process, highlighting strengths of both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 as well as a case study from a recent organization's journey to Drupal 8.

Topics include: 

  • Considerations in making your choice
  • Challenges Drupal 8 solves for
  • A case study from a recent Drupal 8 project
  • And more!
Paul McKibben

Meet team member, Paul McKibben

Paul is a problem solver who relishes a challenge. His Computer Science education and 20-plus years of software development experience give him the expertise to push the Drupal envelope. In his role as Solutions Architect at Mediacurrent, Paul is comfortable with front-end and back-end development, ensuring that each site he builds is both well-structured and easy to use.

Paul earned an M.S. in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and a B.S.E. in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan. Prior to working with Drupal, he spent the bulk of his career developing Unix and Java applications in the telecommunications industry. Paul adheres to a Drupal best practices philosophy, tests his code thoroughly, and ensures that fail-safe measures are in place when updating or upgrading a site. His broad background allows him to solve unique problems across platforms and technologies, including content migration from proprietary systems to Drupal.

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