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CMS Showdown: Comparing Adobe, Sitecore, and Drupal

There’s a lot of information to sift through when comparing enterprise-level Content Management Systems (CMS) — features, functionality, cost, and more.

In this resource, learn about the pros and cons of Adobe, Drupal, and Sitecore through the lens of five different stakeholder perspectives:

Each of the three leading CMSs comes with its own strengths and weaknesses in light of an organization’s unique requirements. How they compare depends largely on the perspective of the type of stakeholder.

  • Content Authors: See how each CMS performs on the core authoring tasks of content editing, sitemap generation, and layout management
  • Marketers: Which CMS is best for creating dynamic digital experiences? Capturing value from data and analytics? Explore here.
  • Business Leaders: Uncover the key criteria for calculating ROI on your CMS decision.
  • Developers and IT Pros: Weigh the pros and cons of each CMS from a tech perspective.
  • Community Members: How to assess the behind-the-scenes community that builds and maintains your CMS of choice (and why that’s important).

CMS Showdown