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Accessibility Best Practices for Non-Developers

by Megan Harris

Is your content accessible to users of all abilities? Content creators and non-developers can have a big impact on maintaining accessibility standards.

This training guide covers the essential fundamentals of website accessibility and how to apply them to your day-to-day content updates.

You’ll learn:

  • What makes a website accessible?
  • An overview of compliance and legal issues impacting accessibility
  • Tips and training to create accessible content in Drupal
  • 18 web accessibility checkers to audit your site

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Meet team member, Megan Harris

Megan is a hard working Digital Strategist who thrives on collaboration, clear communication, and transparency for her clients. Her extensive digital marketing background began 7 years ago and has encompassed a wide variety of sectors including SEO, Copy Strategy, Content Marketing, and Social Media. 

The work she is most proud of is helping companies gain freedom from worrying about their digital marketing. She says “it's truly been very rewarding to be part of teams over the years who have customer service at the forefront.”

Outside of work, Megan enjoys traveling. She has visited every state west of the Mississippi, with the exception of Hawaii, and is looking forward to visiting every state! 

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