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Accessibility Best Practices for Content Editors

by Mediacurrent Team

Keeping up with website accessibility standards means making your website available to all users, thereby extending your reach to a wider audience and customer base.

It’s no longer enough to prioritize accessibility during your Drupal site build alone. You must also consider those responsible for making everyday site updates and arm your content editors with best practices to maintain website accessibility.

If you are a content editor, content creator, front-end developer, or back-end developer this eBook is for you. 

Our eBook will walk you through:

  • The Value of Accessibility
  • 8 Accessibility best practices every content editor should know
  • Tips for working in the WYSIWYG
  • Website Accessibility Toolkits & Guides
  • And additional resources

Simply put, following accessibility best practices is the smart thing to do. Ultimately, this will improve usability not only for users with disabilities but for everyone who visits your site. 

We hope that you find this ebook to be a valuable resource toward your organization's website accessibility efforts.