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DrupalCon Minnesota 2020


Join Mediacurrent on the road to Drupal 9 with summits, training sessions, and more.



Component Theming

Master the concept of creating components. Learn how to combine components using advanced Twig syntax to build a completed page.

Drupal Health

The Healthcare Summit is a day of learning dedicated to the unique challenges faced in this industry.

Our Sessions

DrupalCon 2020 sessions are here!



Site Building, Development, and Coding

Page building showdown: Paragraphs v Layout builder 
 Presented by: Jay Callicott 

Managing images in large scale Drupal 8 & 9 websites 
 Presented by: Mario Hernandez On the JAMStack with Gatsby and Drupal 8 

 Presented by: Mediacurrent's Bob Kepford and Ally Delguidice-Bove. Plus Sanjay Naruda, MagMutual & Ben Robertson, Gatsby


Being Human, Contributions, and Community

How to plug into your passion and prevent burnout 

 Presented by: Brian Manning and Victoria Miranda

Creating an organizational culture of giving back to Drupal  

 Presented by: Dave Terry 



Content and Digital Marketing 

Contextual, not creepy: Personalization tools, tricks, & tips  

 Presented by: Ally Delguidice-Bove 

Digital psychology & persuasion to increase user engagement 

 Presented by: Cheryl Little, Becky Cierpich, Danielle Barthelemy  



Leadership, Management, and Business

From tech expert to team leader: Lessons for making the leap 

 Presented by: Kelly Dassing and Mark Shropshire 


User Experience, Accessibility, and Design 

One usability step at a time: Improve your site with a UX audit 

 Presented by: Cheryl Little and Becky Cierpich 


[Healthcare Summit] How to identify, track, and correct common accessibility mistakes

 Presented by: David Barrentine and Mario Hernandez



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