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Mediacurrent has helped hundreds of organizations exceed the performance expectations of their Drupal platform. We are offering an exclusive offer to marketers who need to balance their day-to-day work with staying up to speed on all the Drupal technology trends, new features, and security issues.

Our Drupal Service, Strategy, and Support (DS3) packages are designed to provide you peace-of-mind and risk-mitigation through budget predictability, team forecasting, and expertise.

Introducing the DS3 Solutions Packages 

  • DS3 Starter - 20 hours per month (1 release cycle)

Good for organizations that need periodic feature enhancements and module updates but don’t have a full-time Drupal expert on staff.

  • DS3 Professional - 50 hours per month (2 release cycles)

Ideal for medium to large organizations that need a team of experts to ensure Drupal best practices while greatly enhancing their customer's online experience.

  • DS3 Enterprise - 100 hours per month (3 release cycles)

Perfect for the enterprise website where Drupal plays a mission-critical role and ongoing enhancements are required on a weekly basis.

6 to 12-month contract options available with monthly billing. Cancel any time with 30 days’ notice.

*Custom package options also available. 

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