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Area Alert

An open source, pre-built Drupal emergency response site.

Confronting Crisis: Our Design

We took a user-centric approach, mapping the journeys of those faced with perhaps some of the most difficult days of their lives, to build a Drupal emergency site for organizations that are on the front lines.

Why Area Alert?

This Drupal distribution helps organizations to quickly build highly performant, low-cost, and easy-to-update emergency websites during the COVID-19 pandemic and other large-scale emergencies.


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Built for Authors

Area Alert is built on top of Mediacurrent’s Rain install profile and comes with improved authoring out-of-the-box so that you can spend more time communicating and less time figuring out how to use your website. 

Fast, Scalable Hosting

Our partner Pantheon is offering free scalable hosting for 90 days for all government, medical, and educational organizations who choose to set up this site, as well as for any non-profit organizations that are directly serving coronavirus-affected populations. You can get started with the click of a button and be confident that no matter how many people view your site at once, it will always be available.

Area Alert Features

We spent time researching and planning effective communication strategies (and won a W3 silver award for best digital experience on a news website). You just have to start using them. 




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Pre-Planned Main Menu

Get started swiftly with a recommended main navigation that leans on smart design choices being made around the United States.

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Answers at the Forefront

Give your community the reassurance of immediate answers directly from your homepage. Built-in site search lets users dive deep into specific topics.

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News and Twitter Integration

You’re communicating in a lot of ways—now your coronavirus site can bring the latest news and updates all together cleanly and clearly.

Who Needs This?

Mediacurrent created Area Alert to help towns, cities, and other communities share local coronavirus information with their neighbors. This site can centralize information for your community and provide the information they need in a scalable and trustworthy format.

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Expedite emergency website creation, configuration, and deployment.


Content Creators

Provide your site visitors with the resources they need with out-of-the-box features, and save time with easy-to-use editing.

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First Responders

Reduce calls to emergency services by providing re-usable information centrally to your community.

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Getting Started

We are proud to give back not just to the Drupal open source project, but to the network of local communities worldwide that may be able to make a difference with this site. You can get started for free and hosting is free for three months with Pantheon, for qualifying organizations. Get it on

Need some help? We are here for you.

Time is of the essence, especially for organizations on the frontlines. Mediacurrent is standing by, ready to partner with organizations that need assistance with building out and maintaining their COVID-19 site. If you need help getting set up, a quick orientation, deeper training, or custom changes, we are here to help.