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Our Development Tools

Improve Your Site with the Right Tools

We strongly believe in the advantages of an open source community. We also believe in giving back. Below is the tooling we ship with all of our projects.

Created by us for you.


Project Starter Template

Mediacurrent provisions all new Drupal projects using a template derived from the popular “drupal-project” Composer template. The template pulls in our DrupalVM box (for local environments), scripts, tests, and install profiles into a new installation that gets projects set up quickly. This template is the best place to start if you would like to test drive our full suite of tools together, but each project can also be used independently.


Sample Profile

Each project we create includes a custom install “sub-profile” that uses the Rain install profile as its parent. The Sample Profile can inherit or exclude features from the base profile. We recommend renaming the Sample Profile when provisioning a new project. This approach treats new installs like a “platform” that can be reused and repurposed for multi-sites.


Custom Scripts

Mediacurrent’s scripts repository contains various tooling we use in our Drupal project template. These scripts include a build script that recreates the “state” of the application for development and testing as well as deployment scripts that streamline code deployments to popular Drupal hosts like Acquia and Pantheon.

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As part of every project build, we include scripts for executing accessibility and unit tests. These tests are run against all developer pull requests to mitigate against regressions.

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Open Source Icon Library

Our new icon designs (free to use for everyone!) are available on the Noun Project and GitHub.



Access icon Up arrow icon Drupal 8 icon Facebook icon - white Facebook icon - blue outline Facebook icon - yellow Hollow right arrow icon Hollow right arrow icon - white LinkedIn icon - white LinkedIn icon - hollow LinkedIn icon - blue outline LinkedIn icon - yellow Mediacurrent wordmark Quote icon Twitter icon - white Twitter icon - hollow Twitter icon - blue outline Twitter icon - yellow Youtube icon - white Youtube icon - yellow