Debugging JavaScript Live in Chrome
I was recently in a situation where, in trying to optimize a site for performance reasons, I needed to track down what was generating some above-the-...
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Happy Friday everyone! This episode Director of Client Services, Shellie Hutchens returns to the show to talk about ways to strengthen your...
Annotate to Communicate
Someone once said, “if you have to explain the joke, it takes the fun out of it.” Well, the same can be said for designing a website. Explaining the...
Dynamic Email Submissions for Webforms in Drupal 8
Webforms in Drupal make for an easy way to get user submitted data. There are a handful of ways you can organize that data. You can even have the...
Diversity at Mediacurrent: A Path Forward
The issue of workforce diversity has been in the news a lot lately, and rightfully so. Diversity data is pretty dismal, particularly in the...
Introducing the Mediacurrent Contrib Half-Hour
Not sure what this whole "patch" thing is? Have a core change that you can't quite finish? Running into a problem with a contrib module, or a theme,...
5 Signs Your Website is Boring (and How to Fix It)
Do you ever feel like the Internet is a big popularity contest? Well, it is! For a website, there are few things worse than being a ‘boring...
Content as the Common Language of Web Development
If there’s one thing I learned while attending DrupalCon Baltimore 2017 this past spring, it’s that those of us involved in building the web are only...
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Happy Friday! This episode, Theming Manager Zack Hawkins shows us the way to convert your CSS into a more manageable SASS structure.


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