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White Paper Release: Building Large-Scale Publishing Sites with Drupal

April 16, 2010

Mediacurrent and Phase2 Technology are proud to co-release and announce the availability of a white paper titled Building Large-Scale Publishing Sites with Drupal. First and foremost, this was truly a collaborative effort between two Drupal-centric firms who share a common interest in building world-class Drupal sites for the publishing industry. The impetus started months ago when we both recognized there was a need to help educate publishing and media personnel about Drupal.

The paper is particularly targeted towards those evaluating various content management system (CMS) options, and need validation that Drupal is the right platform for their specifications. In the 29-page paper, we delve into a variety of fresh topics that are on the minds of the publishing sector. Our goals for what the reader will take-away include:

* Explaining how Drupal aligns with publisher’s web needs.

* Showcasing two use cases of publishers that have successfully adopted Drupal.

* How OpenPublish, a Drupal distribution is being successfully leveraged.

* A better understanding of the present-day challenges publishers face.

At its core, the paper details the emergence of Drupal as the leader for enterprise-level publishing sites. It is certainly no secret that the publishing paradigm has turned upside-down. Particularly, the vertical has struggled to come up with viable monetization strategies as advertising dollars shift from print to online. Both Mediacurrent and Phase2 believe that Drupal’s lower total cost of ownership comes at a critical juncture. As print publications and newspapers struggle to stay afloat, the web continues to evolve at a breakneck pace. All hope is certainly not lost though. There are leaders emerging that Drupal is helping during these transitional times. For example, we explore how the second oldest magazine in the world, The New Republic, successfully migrated onto Drupal. With Drupal, publishers are appreciating the virtues of open-source: no licensing fees, no vendor lock-in, and an unparalleled ability for customization.

This was an exciting initiative as well for Mediacurrent since we were able to work with a partner that has a like-minded interest in advancing the Drupal for publisher’s movement. To me, this white paper embodies the spirit of open-source and shows how not only how code can be a collaborative effort, but a marketing endeavor as well. Could you imagine Apple and Microsoft teaming up and offering a co-branded paper to a segment of the industry they are both targeting?

In the end, we both believe that Drupal has the optimal mix of functionality, flexibility, cost savings, and support that todays publisher’s needs.

Be sure to check the paper out and share your feedback!