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[Webinar Video] The Business Benefits of Drupal 8

November 12, 2015

The biggest release in Web Content Management history—Drupal 8.0.0—is here. We noticed that much of the content out there (including our recent posts exploring D8’s front-end, powerful ways to extend and develop and key considerations for a Drupal 8 redesign) is targeted for a technical audience.

We believe that Drupal’s newest version represents a major opportunity for business leaders as well.

To help you understand the benefits of Drupal 8 from a business standpoint, Mediacurrent’s own Dave Terry along with David Aponovich, Senior Director of Digital Experience at Acquia, led an interactive webinar.

Missed the Live Webinar? Catch Up Here.

Or view the Business Benefits of Drupal 8 on SlideShare. 

The Business Benefits of Drupal 8 - Webinar Highlights

Built for Digital Success in the Age of the Customer

What does it take to deliver a positive customer experience in today’s digital-first world? Built for scalability, speed, and innovation, we discussed why Drupal 8 is a competitive foundation. 

Security and Performance Enhancements

Drupal is widely adopted within government and higher ed industries that place a huge emphasis on security. We reviewed how Drupal 8 can reduce costly security breaches and maintenance challenges.

Marketing Strategy in a Post-Browser World

With built in SEO best practices, Drupal is architected for easy integration with marketing automation, email, and CRM tools. We also took a look at Drupal 8’s flexible content delivery, reimagined content authoring experience, and translation capacity to meet the demands of a global customer base.  

Committed to Web Accessibility

With 20% of the global population affected by some form of visual, hearing, cognitive, or motor disability, now is the time to make your organization’s web presence accessible to all users. As part of a community-wide effort to support accessibility, Drupal 8 has adopted standards like HTML5 and the Web Accessibility Initiative’s Accessible Rich Internet Applications Suite (WAI-ARIA) that are critical for disabled users to have a positive experience.

Prepare for a Drupal 8 Migration

Whether your site currently runs on an earlier version of Drupal, or a non-Drupal platform we shared some key considerations to evaluate Drupal 8 for your business.

Drupal 8 as a Marketing Platform

Attendees left with a basic understanding of Drupal 8 for Marketers:

  • How Drupal 8 can support SEO efforts and increase ROI
  • Drupal 8’s improvements to Accessibility and Internationalization, and how they can extend your reach to all segments of your customer base
  • An overview of Drupal 8's mobile-friendly and responsive capabilities.
  • How to connect CRM, marketing automation software, and analytics tools 
  • How Drupal 8 can reduce costly security breaches and improve maintenance challenges.

Learn More 

This webinar and the resources listed below can help business leaders and marketers of all industries who are thinking about investing in Drupal 8, and wish to deepen their understanding of Drupal’s latest version from a business perspective. If you weren't able to attend the Q&A portion of the webinar, we welcome any feedback or questions you may have after watching our recording.

Download the Marketers guide to Drupal 8


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