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Webinar: Using Entities in a Drupal Project

by Peter Mallett
October 8, 2012

In this webinar I discuss Entities and EnityAPI— why and when it would be beneficial to use a custom Entity type in a Drupal project. This is not a how-to, it is more of a why-to with a 10,000 ft view of an Entity code sample.

Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced developers.



Blog Posts mentioned in the presentation:

Correction: The Meta tags module does not use custom entities.


Peter Mallett

Meet team member, Peter Mallett

Peter has been passionate about and involved with computers and programming for over 20 years and has a knowledge base in web architecture. He has over 17 years of PHP development experience, starting with version 3, and brings over six years of dedicated Drupal experience to Mediacurrent.