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Webinar: Tips on Migrating a Legacy-Based CMS to Drupal

by Paul Chason
September 9, 2009
Mediacurrent is proud to announce a new webinar that we will be delivering this Thursday, September, 10th at Noon EST titled "Best Practices and Tips on Migrating a Legacy-Based CMS to Drupal" in conjunction with Acquia. With all the excitement about Drupal 7 we are really stoked about the timing of the event! We have noticed a recurring theme with many prospects diving into new website initiatives. They see the value in Drupal, but are a bit overwhelmed with where to get started. This webinar will help address those issues, and is ideally suited for those decision-makers evaluating web content management options. Our goals will be to provide best practices and techniques on how to effectively manage the content migration process. This webinar is symbolic of Mediacurrent's ongoing commitment to further evangelize Drupal. In the last few months, we have released a white paper, wrote a case study that appeared on, and are the lead organizers for the largest Drupalcamp to date in the Southeast USA. We will elaborate later, but we are ecstatic as well about joining the Magazine Publishers Association (MPA) as an associate member, and re-affirms our belief that in order for Drupal to grow we must directly inhabit niche verticals to better understand their needs. Finally, there will be a Q&A part of the webinar, but if you would like us to cover anything in particular, please include a comment below and we'll do our best to fit it in.

Meet team member, Paul Chason

Paul Chason is the Managing Partner at Mediacurrent, managing the company’s operations and playing roles in sales, infrastructure, technology and marketing. Paul is a rarity in the web industry. With a distinct blend of creative design skills, advanced programming chops, and deep project management experience, Paul has drawn upon his rich Internet knowledge to lead and grow Mediacurrent into a premier Drupal agency.

Paul began his career in the web industry just after Netscape Navigator's debut. After stints at several Atlanta-based companies including WebMD and Home Depot, Paul was inspired to go into business for himself and started Mediacurrent in 2004. Following 3 years of running a solo business that took on projects ranging from illustration to e-commerce websites, Paul decided to re-focus his vision for Mediacurrent, partnering with his friend Dave Terry to grow Mediacurrent into a niche web agency specializing in open source Drupal development.

Paul’s Internet experience spans two decades and includes various web technologies (.NET, SQL Server, PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Drupal), technical architecture, and creative direction.

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