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Webinar Recap: Experience Matters - Understanding the New ROI of UX/CX

by Ally DelGuidice-Bove
September 13, 2017

User experience counts in today's global, digital landscape: every dollar spent on UX design yields up to $100 in return.

In our latest webinar, Mediacurrent's VP of Sales Josh Linard and Lingotek's VP of Marketing Calvin Scharffs shared some UX and CX strategies to boost global revenue and conversions.

They offer practical advice to enhance the digital experience that your organization delivers to customers, employees and other stakeholders - and the right way to measure it.

View the Webinar

 To find out more, check out their presentation slides below or watch the webinar recording.

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. What companies like Amazon, Google and Airbnb can teach us about building a better user experience.
  2. Tips to build the investment case for maximizing your UX How to uncover the value of translation — and why localization should be the core of your global.
  3. How a UX/CX scorecard can help track ROI by focusing on the metrics that matter most for your business.

  4. The translation equation: How presenting in your customer's primary language is the first step in providing a global CX. 
  5. Why managing global customer expectations are critical to Customer Experience (CX) and to the perception of your company brand.

To see our schedule of upcoming webinars, be sure to keep up on our events page!

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Meet team member, Ally DelGuidice-Bove

Ally has a deep passion for people and data. She has led strategic initiatives for Pricewaterhouse Coopers, MagMutual, Habitat for Humanity, Guardian Insurance, and NOAA. Her expertise ensures the business goals of our clients are met through digital solutions. Ally takes pride in her ability to

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