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Webinar Recap: Estimating Web Projects

by Tara Arnold
August 17, 2017

Everyone knows that process is important, but we have all gotten lost in the rush of daily tasks.

In our latest webinar, Project Management expert Rob McBryde and Vice President of Client Services James Rutherford shared how building and following a process for estimating web projects has driven success for their clients.

In a Perfect World…

In an ideal scenario, every project would kick off with a Discovery phase to inform a detailed document of requirements, topped off with a realistic timeline and budget.

In the Real World...

In reality, estimation challenges abound. Many projects have a limited Discovery phase - or none at all. Too-short timelines can add additional stress.

So, how do we create accurate estimates in an imperfect world? 

In this webinar, Rob and James share a real-world approach for estimating web projects. To find out more, check out their presentation slides below or watch the webinar recording.

You'll learn:

  • Mediacurrent's approach to building project budgets
  • Why having a Project Manager involved is critical to business success
  • Things you should know about your website before you approach an agency
  • Why Drupal projects fail without proper planning

To see our schedule of upcoming webinars, be sure to keep up on our events page!

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Meet team member, Tara Arnold

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Prior to joining Mediacurrent, Tara spent five years sharpening her inbound marketing skills in the higher education technology and publishing industries. Her specialties include inbound marketing, event marketing, webinars, blogging, and marketing automation. She holds a BA in Communications (Public Relations focus) and minored in creative writing.

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