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The Value of Post-Launch Drupal Services and Support

CONGRATULATIONS! You may be one of the estimated 400,000+ people or organizations that have launched a Drupal site since the open-source content management system's (CMS) inception. Not to take the wind from your sails, but the work on your Drupal site is not immediately over after you launch – it is really just beginning. In short, a website developed using an open source or proprietary platform, is not a one-time capital expenditure. The "car" analogy is often used in the Web 2.0 world, but it is germane. When one makes a major purchase like an automobile, the expectation is that a certain amount of ongoing maintenance and support comes with the territory – oil needs to be changed, brakes replaced, tune-ups, etc. However, the "build and forget it" approach taken by some is a recipe for disaster. The most highly trafficked, award-winning, content-driven, user-friendly sites are regularly refined to ensure peak performance.

Moreover, ongoing maintenance is an essential part of security. As an open-source technology, Drupal is supported by a passionate community of international developers who quickly find and fix security vulnerabilities. Keeping your site's code current mean you are taking away the tools of potential hackers. To better focus on improving Drupal, the community only supports the two most recent versions of Drupal which tend to be released annually. With this in mind, waiting too long to upgrade is highly discouraged as new vulnerabilities found in older versions may not be addressed by the community.

Our partner, Acquia, is the ultimate insurance policy for enterprise-level Drupal sites where outages or slow page downloads could result in huge financial losses.

Drupal services can sometimes be lost in translation. Customers are often left asking themselves two questions: (1.) what does routine Drupal support actually entail and (2.) what are the ramifications if I do not properly maintain my site over time? In response to this, we have created a one-page, easily downloadable Drupal Services Checklist that outlines key Mediacurrent offerings and benefits. We have bundled an all inclusive plan that covers key services like training for content administrators, security upgrades, module development, and site performance evaluation. Ultimately, our goal is to partner with our clients long after their site is launched.

I am curious to hear from you – did you notice any services left off our list that should have been included? If you are a Drupal consultant how do you handle post-launch support?


Meet team member, Dave Terry

Dave Terry is a Co-Founder and partner of Mediacurrent. In his role, he leverages a wide acumen of business and entrepreneurial experience to execute operational objectives. Dave plays a key...

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