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Using "Workflow Tools" to Deploy your Content

Wouldn't it be nice to deploy database (content/config) changes the same way you deploy code? (You should be nodding your head). With WorkFlow Tools, both content creators and developers start their changes by logging into a WF Tools "management instance" to create a new "job." WF Tools then uses Jenkins and other server-side tools to spin up a new site (e.g., with its own git branch (think: git-flow "feature"). All content changes are tracked so that, when the job is finished, WF Tools can move them to a staging server via the Deploy module, and the git branch is merged into the staging branch. The same process happens when the changes are ready for production. The mantra is: many small jobs > fewer large ones!

This presentation, given at Drupalcamp Atlanta this past October, is geared towards developers, devops, and site builders of medium- to enterprise-level websites.


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