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University Students Adopt Drupal

by Adam Waid
October 18, 2012

Back in August, Mediacurrent reached out to local universities extending an offer to sponsor students looking to major in technology, graphic design, or web-based industry, to come to Drupalcamp Atlanta.

We enjoyed reading all the "applications" and especially loved hearing from so many students interested in Drupal.  

It's with pleasure that we introduce you to the five university students we're sponsoring for the 4th Annual Drupalcamp Atlanta (#DcATL). 

Katie Trivette - Katie is a Computer Science major at Southern Polytechnic State University. Katie starting programming for the first time about two years ago and “loved it" ever since. She’s programmed in java, c#, c++, PHP, SQL, javascript, visual basic, and VBA. Katie says she's interested in attending Drupalcamp Atlanta because she's always looking to “learn more about Drupal.” Currently in a co-op at Cox Communications, Katie serves as the programmer for the Network Engineering group and is in charge of developing and upkeep on their lab management portal. In her spare time, Katie is working on developing a mobile application for a browser based tool.

Makario Lewis - Makario is a Senior at Georgia Institute of Technology. Interested in all things mobile and web technologies, Makario has had the “work experience” to prove his abilities. Recently he interned for an Atlanta startup company. His main responsibility was to develop an Android tablet application in less than 10 weeks. He also does mobile development and freelance web design. Makario says he’s excited about Drupalcamp Atlanta because he is very interested in learning more about Drupal. He’s “mastered” Wordpress and Joomla, now he wants to dive into Drupal.

Galen Hughes - Galen is a 2nd year Computational Media major at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Galen currently serves as the webmaster for which is made out of a collection of static pages. Galen says "it serves the function for this organization, but today it’s all about dynamic pages, which involves updating data quite frequently. That's where a CMS like Drupal will come in handy." He says he dabbled in Drupal a while back, but admits that the learning curve is a little steep. Galen says he’s looking forward to Drupalcamp Atlanta to learn how to use Drupal better and because “Drupal is one of the better CMSs out there.”

Alvina Atmadja - Alvina is majoring in Computational Media at Georgia Institute of Technology. Interested in all things Digital Media, Alvina wants to broaden her knowledge by exploring Drupal, which she says is one of the “next big things” in digital media. Alvina’s main focus of study is game design, and is serving as the web master for Georgia Tech’s Indonesians Student Association. She also is the secretary of the Women @ the College of Computing (W@CC), which aims to welcome, support, and celebrate women in computing at Georgia Tech.

Thomas Bridges - Thomas is also a Computational Media major at Georgia Institute of Technology. Thomas is looking forward to Drupalcamp Atlanta to enhance his Drupal skills and network with others in the industry. When Thomas isn’t hitting the books, he’s working on animation projects and t-shirt designs. Thomas is also learning the Python programming language. 

Congratulations to all of you! 

Drupalcampers, please make a point to say hello to all of the scholarship winners when you see them. Also, any employers looking to hire, take note of these students!

Meet team member, Adam

Named Atlanta's Interactive Marketer of the Year, Adam Waid is a strategic thinker who has a passion for producing revenue-generating results through solutions-driven marketing. Adam has over 10 years of experience with digital marketing, marketing automation, and is passionate about helping market

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