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Tampa, Orlando, Charlotte, and Baton Rouge CoWorking Day Recap

It’s no secret that the Drupal community is one of the most collaborative of the all the developer communities. At Mediacurrent, we want our team of experts to not only get out into the community and help teach, but also learn from others. That’s why we help organize numerous Drupal Co-Working days across the country. Whether we are officially sponsoring, helping organize, or simple showing support by attending, we truly value the knowledge gained by collaborating within the community.

Below is a short recap from several of the Co-Working Days our team participated in during the month of March. 

Orlando - Recap by Don VanDemark

The Orlando Co-Working group met at Urban Rethink, a non-profit coworking/creative event space in downtown Orlando. While everyone came to work on their own projects, we also had some running discussions summarizing DrupalCon (as well as discuss the benefits of ham-and-cheese bagels for breakfast). We had a variety of people join us: three of us were from MediaCurrent, three others were from local companies and two were freelancers. We post the announcement every month in the Florida Drupal group and we look forward to more people joining us for the next one on April 27.

Tampa - Recap by Kendall Totten

/>The Tampa Bay area folks enjoyed their third Drupal Co-Working Event at Tampa Bay WaVE. It was slightly smaller than in past months, but the environment felt calmer and even a bit quieter, which isn't a bad thing. Participants were still able to get hands-on help with the projects they were working on, and Kendall Totten shared her tips and strategies for moving a website from it's brainstorming stage all the way to a theme

Charlotte - Recap by Brent Dunn

The Charlotte Co-Working Day is a “great way to meet/interact with, and learn from, some really smart and helpful people," said one of the attendees. Ten Drupal enthusiasts gathered on the North side of Charlotte at the Classic Graphics office. Though most people were heads-down, there were  numerous comic-relief breaks through out the day. For more information about the Charlotte Co-Working day, click here.

Baton Rouge - Recap by Jeff Diecks

The Louisiana Drupal Users Group held its third Drupal CoWorking Friday at Entrepreneur Headquarters in Baton Rouge. The venue is great but we had a low turnout for the second month in a row. Last month, Mardi Gras got in the way. Since starting the group in the fall of 2010, we've grown to over 40 members, but attendance at our events in New Orleans has proven much better than Baton Rouge. Drupal Co-Working Friday was an attempt at an alternate format to meetups to improve attendance in Baton Rouge, but the group likely to try some different things in the months ahead to help continue to grow the group. 


Finally, for all your Drupalist in Atlanta, Mediacurrent is interested in getting an Atlanta Co-Working day off the ground. We would love to have your feedback/suggestions. Take a moment and fill out our short survey here. Also, if you have a suggestion for a good meeting location, send me an email.

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