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Standing Room Only: Atlanta Drupal Coffee Club

It was standing room only at last night's Atlanta Drupal Coffee Club. (We always forget to take photos until late in the evening after people have already left).

We discussed a wide-range of topics, but the leading conversations were around performance tuning and APC. It's usually one of the easiest things to add to your stack and you can see a quick gain. Even if it's not all that much of an improvement, producing a lovely graph with the apc.php file and all those green cache hits in the pie chart, will make you feel awesome. It's often a surprise when I run down the list of obvious things for a stack and there's no opcode cache installed yet, so +Andy Thornton and I did a "sales pitch" and showed the ease and obvious improvements you could get out of literally five minutes of work.

There was a bit of New Relic discussion as well, and that led to talking about both Acquia DevCloud and Pantheon. I also did a quick and dirty tutorial and comparison of features. I have to say Pantheon is winning some serious points with their free developer offering.

Also, thanks to Andy clearing-off some bookshelves, it turned into "giveaway night." People left a pound or two heavier by stuffing manuals in their laptop bags, as well as t-shirt thanks to Puppet Labs.

We look forward to seeing you next month at the Atlanta Drupal Coffee Club.


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