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Security by Design - An Introduction to Drupal Security [Webinar Recap]

October 13, 2017

With cybercrime on the rise, securing data in Drupal has become a hot topic for developers and project stakeholders alike.

In our latest webinar, we were joined by three Drupal security experts from Townsend Security, Lockr and Mediacurrent who shared their approach for building a secure groundwork to protect site data in Drupal.

Top 4 Takeaways 

1. An introduction to  "security by design" and how businesses should be thinking about security.  

2. The right tools to conduct a site security audit. 

3. A deep dive into data encryption and key management.

4. Resources to improve security -  and how modules like Guardr can help protect private data in Drupal.

View the Webinar 

 To learn more about this topic, check out their presentation slides below.

About the Speakers

Mark Shropshire, Open Source Security Lead at Mediacurrent
Mark brings 20 years of experience leading technical teams to his role. He is also the maintainer of the Guardr Drupal security module suite.

Chris Teitzel, Founder/CEO at Lockr 
Chris has been working in Drupal for almost 8 years. During that time he has worked on projects spanning the globe in front-end design, e-commerce and security. His passion is for making technology accessible to all skill sets. 

Luke Probasco, Drupal GM at Townsend Security 
Luke manages Drupal business for Townsend Security. He's a DrupalCon, Camp, and Summit speaker, security professional and music enthusiast.

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