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Resource Guide to Drupal 8

by Mediacurrent Team
December 5, 2013

Editor's Note: This ebook was published before the official release of Drupal 8 and may contain outdated information. We encourage you to check out our updated Drupal 8 resource, How to Prepare your Website for Drupal 8.

You might have heard by now that a new version of Drupal is right around the corner. Drupal 8 brings a plethora of changes both under the hood and in user interface. 

For example: Symfony 2 Integration, Namespaces, Services, Configuration Management, Views in Core, Twig (theming), Default WYSIWYG, HTML5, Inline Editing, Mobile, Multilingual Improvements and that's just the short list!

How is a person supposed to keep track of all of these changes? Do you have to be a member of the Drupal 8 core team to understand all of this? No! Our team has been working with Drupal 8 since shortly after its inception and will walk you through the important parts of Drupal 8. Whether you sling Drupal code with a side of CSS on a daily basis or you are considering a Drupal solution this book covers what you need to know.

Our Resource Guide to Drupal 8 is packed with videos, blogs, and check lists with topics like: 

  • Installing and setting up Drupal 8
  • Theming using the new TWIG system
  • How to save configuration changes with CMI
  • Exposing data for consumption and letting external services modify Drupal
  • Integrating mobile with the new theming system
  • Creating your first Drupal 8 module
  • and more!

You can download our Drupal 8 Resource Guide here. 

**At the time of this post Drupal 8 is under active development. This means that things can and will change between the provided materials and what is currently in Drupal 8. The information provided is accurate for the version of Drupal 8 that was available at the time of publishing the blog post or video.

Drupal 8 Resource Guide

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