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Real World Drupal 8 For Front-End Developers

by Tara Arnold
October 21, 2015

Earlier this year, Manhattan Associates launched a redesigned website that became one of the world’s first fully i18n capable Enterprise Drupal 8 projects. We've partnered with Acquia on a blog post series to explore Manhattan's website redesign and key considerations for transitioning to Drupal 8.

Debating Drupal 8 for your organization?

More than 400 sites are already running on Drupal’s newest version. Among these early adopters is Manhattan Associates, a B2B software technology provider who broke new ground this year when they teamed with Mediacurrent to launch a redesigned Drupal 8 website.  

This week, we’ve partnered with the Acquia Developer Center on a blog series exploring Manhattan’s decision to move to Drupal 8. Acquia’s first post takes a deep dive into D8  from a front-end perspective. The front-end changes from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 were key selling points for Manhattan, especially D8’s mobile-first approach, improved theming, and Twig template system.

Read the post here: Real World Drupal 8... for Front-End Developers.

The second post in our series debuts next week and outlines how Manhattan leveraged D8’s improved configuration management, new web services API, and easy internationalization to achieve their business goals. In our third and final post, we’ll reflect on lessons learned from our first D8 project.

Meet team member, Tara Arnold

In her role as Senior Marketing Content Strategist, Tara drives the creation of resources to promote Mediacurrent as a thought leader in the technology space. She thrives on the small business imperative to work smart through strategic marketing automation, digital marketing, and creative brand building.

Prior to joining Mediacurrent, Tara spent five years sharpening her inbound marketing skills in the higher education technology and publishing industries. Her specialties include inbound marketing, event marketing, webinars, blogging, and marketing automation. She holds a BA in Communications (Public Relations focus) and minored in creative writing.

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