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Purposeful Productivity on the Path to Customer Success

by Kevin Basarab
February 10, 2021

Refocusing on Customer Experience  

Mediacurrent works with open source technology but first and foremost we are a customer service company. Creating a customer-focused culture has long been our guiding light and this year, we’re becoming even more proactive in how we serve clients.  

In my role as VP of Delivery, this means rethinking our systems and processes to support our team to do great work. One prominent example is how we shifted our time tracking process to bring the conversation of customer service to the forefront this year.

Productivity (and the Purpose Behind it) 

collage of at-home workspaces: desks, pets, and a shoe collection

A look inside our remote workspaces from coast to coast 

We talk a lot about productivity here at Mediacurrent. For us, the concept of productivity goes beyond crossing off a checklist task (or in our case, a ticket in Jira). It’s really about our shared purpose: to partner with clients on a long-term basis to solve their technology challenges with ingenuity and dependability. 

Get Things Done While Enjoying the Journey

We recently invited productivity consultant Theresa Ward of The Fiery Feather to join our knowledge share, a weekly team-wide meeting. She inspired our team with tips to spark a mindset of purposeful productivity. Here’s what we learned: 

1. Start with Why

How can we make sure that our daily work has an impact on what’s really important to us?

Our co-founder, Dave Terry, takes inspiration from Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle” and truly believes in the value of really understanding your ‘why’. Overall Mediacurrent’s ‘why’ is stated in this way: “We believe talented team members can work together to provide amazing open source-based solutions for the web.”

Theresa’s presentation echoed the same philosophy but on a more personal level. She gave a simple formula to build a personal purpose statement, emphasizing how this mantra can keep procrastination at bay:  

Contribution (skills, talent) + Impact (who are you impacting? what might the results be?) 

2. Separate what’s ‘urgent’ from what’s ‘important’ 

Theresa advised that you may be able to “multi-task”, but you can’t multi-focus. Be intentional about what’s grabbing your attention — it’s okay to snooze Slack notifications and carve out daily focus time. 

If you don’t pay appropriate attention to what has your attention, it will take more of your attention than it deserves.

- David Allen

The Eisenhower Matrix can help refocus your to-do list on what’s really important to do, and what tasks can be delegated or delayed.

Matrix to rank urgency and importance (do now, decide, delegate, delay)

The Eisenhower Matrix 

3. Report and Reflect 

With so much external change going on in our homes and our communities, it’s important to take a moment to internally reflect. Pausing the busyness of life to track week-to-week productivity and progress is a good career habit. This simple exercise can fuel motivation, sharpen your sense of self-awareness, and guide your career conversations:

A simple one-page or one-slide summary can serve as a powerful visual tracker for your progress:





Working On




Not Started/In Queue








Thanks again to The Fiery Feather for inspiring our team to feel more accomplished at the end of the day, and take our customer experience to a new high.  


Meet team member, Kevin Basarab

Kevin specializes in defining and creating editorial workflows. He has completed many high profile projects within the media industry, developed expertise in helping publishers create better workflows, and has several Drupal core commits and many community events under his belt.

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