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[New ebook] Web Accessibility Best Practices for Drupal Content Editors

by Tara Arnold
November 14, 2016

Keeping up with web accessibility standards means making your website available to all users. It starts with building accessibility into your site from the very beginning and continues with the content editors responsible for making everyday updates. We’re excited to release our latest ebook that covers proven techniques for content editors to maintain website accessibility.

In the Intro to Website Accessibility Testing guide, you’ll learn quick tips for formatting content and images. We’ve also included a handy checklist to guide you through simple steps to publishing more accessible web content.

Sections include:

  • 8 accessibility best practices every content editor should know
  • Tips for working in the WYSIWYG
  • How to test your web content for accessibility
  • How to avoid common accessibility pitfalls

Simply put, following accessibility best practices is the smart thing to do. Ultimately, this will improve usability not only for users with disabilities but for everyone who visits your site.  We hope the Intro to Website Accessibility Testing is a valuable resource toward your organization's accessibility efforts. 


Meet team member, Tara Arnold

In her role as Senior Marketing Content Strategist, Tara drives the creation of resources to promote Mediacurrent as a thought leader in the technology space. She thrives on the small business imperative to work smart through strategic marketing automation, digital marketing, and creative brand building.

Prior to joining Mediacurrent, Tara spent five years sharpening her inbound marketing skills in the higher education technology and publishing industries. Her specialties include inbound marketing, event marketing, webinars, blogging, and marketing automation. She holds a BA in Communications (Public Relations focus) and minored in creative writing.

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