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New eBook: Intranets the Drupal Way

The Intranet has entered a new era where 78% of companies are running on open source software. Now, options for corporate Intranets are no longer confined to proprietary platforms.

Your Intranet on Drupal

With its customization-friendly technical architecture and a wide variety of collaboration and user management tools, Drupal has become an increasingly popular Intranet solution.

Wondering if Drupal is the best fit for your Intranet? Our new resource Intranets the Drupal Way can help guide your decision.

Inside the eBook, you’ll find:

  • Evaluation Criteria: Key considerations for choosing Drupal as an Intranet platform.

  • Drupal Solutions: How Drupal solves for common Intranet challenges.

  • Engagement Strategy: Use Intranet personas to build engagement.

  • Development Perspective: Top picks for Intranet-ready Drupal modules.

About the Authors

Dawn Aly, Director of Digital Strategy

In addition to digital strategy, Dawn's extensive Drupal experience includes a background in project and brand management. She has published several eBooks including The SEO and Drupal ChecklistThe New and Improved Buyer Persona Template and A Guide to Reputation Management.

Derek Reese, Drupal Developer

Derek has been developing with Drupal since Drupal 5 and recently authored the eBook How to Prepare Your Website for Drupal 8. He is a full-stack developer experienced with web-based and internal enterprise software and pipeline development, as well as art and design tools and assets.


 intranet on drupal


If you’re already running an Intranet on Drupal, we’d love to hear your perspective on why you chose Drupal. What are some of the challenges and opportunities you’ve experienced?   

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