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New eBook: How to Prepare Your Website for Drupal 8

Drupal 8 is here! Is your team ready?

Whether you’re on the brink of an upgrade or still waiting to make the move, now is the time to prepare your website for Drupal 8. To help get you ready, we compiled our advice and knowledge into a new eBook.

Highlights of How to Prepare Your Team for Drupal 8 include:

  • A look at what's new in Drupal 8

  • Considerations for performing an effective website audit

  • The importance of version control and security

  • An review of contrib modules and tips for assessing module utilization on your site

We hope this resource will serve as a practical guide to prepping for the newest version of Drupal. We would love to hear from you: what are some of the obstacles you foresee in your Drupal 8 migration plan?  

Learn how to prepare your website for Drupal 8

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