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Meet Our Strategy Team: Jaime Ujj

by Tara Arnold
November 29, 2016

Welcome back to our new series introducing our Strategy team. This week, we meet Jaime Ujj, Data Analyst, and learn more about how she measures the performance of our clients’ websites. 

Hi Jaime! Tell us about your experience prior to Mediacurrent.

I started my career at a Digital marketing agency where we focused on SEM and SEO. There, I was able to gain skills in managing SEM campaigns and optimizing websites so that they performed better in Google and Bing results.

Immediately before joining Mediacurrent, I was a Digital Analyst at QVC where I furthered my data skills measuring QVC’s website and app performance. While there, I helped automate existing reporting and also built new reports which included defining KPIs and building out dashboards to measure newly designed product pages not only for the US site but Germany and UK as well.   

What is your unique area of expertise?

 I’m lucky enough to work on a team of great strategists so my role as a data analyst lets me focus on analytics, trends, and what that means to our customers.

One of my main goals is measuring how our clients’ websites are performing. We do this through a comprehensive analytics report which allows us to track how visitors get to our clients sites, how their visitors interact with the site, and how visitors convert. Our reports track trends, highlight spikes and dips, and allow us to identify recommendations for areas of improvement.

Why is Strategy so important to a client's digital philosophy?

You can have a beautiful website but if no one ever visits the site or if it does not address the user's needs, then the website will not be successful. Strategy handles these areas by keeping the users in mind for how the website should function and be designed. We also continually make improvements and give recommendations for SEO. By continuing to dig into the data and measure the website performance we are able to provide insights into ways to improve performance, allowing our clients to adapt to their visitor's behavior.

Beyond improving overall conversion rate, we seek to understand and optimize the whole conversion path.

What problems do you help solve for Mediacurrent's customers?

We are able to help customers solve a variety of problems. If clients are unfamiliar with Google Analytics, they may be limited by basic reporting. We are able to expand this and implement tracking so that they can measure specific areas on their site. We have helped implement event tracking and set-up goals for clients so that not only do they measure how many visitors viewed the page but specifically how many visitors clicked a certain button. We have also created segments within analytics reports to help measure targeted areas of the site.

Another problem we see is that they might not have a Search Console account. Search Console provides additional resources for website performance including 404 errors and sitemap indexing information. Our team can help implement and/or fix issues within Search Console. We also help clients submit and/or resubmit sitemaps so that Google can account for all site content in search engine ranking results.

And sometimes the problem is simply a matter of time and experience with analytics. Data scientists are in high demand but not everyone has the resources to hire someone who is well versed in website engagement data. We are able to fill that void and either complete the reporting on a weekly or monthly basis or train client team members so that they fully understand the data, are able to act on it, and can dig into their data (if wanted) on their own. 

What's the best part about Strategy at Mediacurrent?

The best part of Strategy at Mediacurrent is the chance to work with such a large variation of clients and particularly, our nonprofit clients. I really enjoy helping our advocacy nonprofit clients improve their SEO and gain a better understanding of their audience. As their audiences grow so too does the opportunity to grow their mission and reach, which is very cool to be a part of.

Another great part of Strategy at Mediacurrent is that our team is growing and we are expanding our services. My role as a data analyst is part of that growth and really highlights the fact that our clients are becoming more sophisticated and interested in how their data can drive actionable insights.

What do you do in your personal time?

In my personal time, I love to travel and spend time outside. In fact, just in the last two weekends, I spent one weekend on a beach in New Jersey and during the second weekend, I was down in West Virginia where we camped and rafted down the Upper Gauley river on class 5 rapids. Next month, you can find me hiking in the mountains around Santa Fe, NM. But during the week, I usually enjoy staying home, cooking with my husband, and enjoying a glass of wine and a good book or movie.

Meet team member, Tara Arnold

In her role as Senior Marketing Content Strategist, Tara drives the creation of resources to promote Mediacurrent as a thought leader in the technology space. She thrives on the small business imperative to work smart through strategic marketing automation, digital marketing, and creative brand building.

Prior to joining Mediacurrent, Tara spent five years sharpening her inbound marketing skills in the higher education technology and publishing industries. Her specialties include inbound marketing, event marketing, webinars, blogging, and marketing automation. She holds a BA in Communications (Public Relations focus) and minored in creative writing.

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