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Meet Mickey Williamson

by Mediacurrent Team
December 10, 2013

1.    So Mickey, what's your role at Mediacurrent, both internally and client-related?
I'm a Drupal Developer at Mediacurrent.  I've only been here a couple months so my role is still a work in progress, I suppose, but so far my projects have consisted of an Open Atrium migration and small features and bug fixes on a handful of client sites.
2.    We're so glad to have you!  Give us an idea of what professional path brought you here.
A degree in music, naturally. Isn't that how most people end up in Drupal? :-) In my previous life, I played saxophone and repaired musical instruments.  As the learning curve leveled off, I got increasingly bored and turned to the business side of things, which included building my own website. I was quickly hooked on the challenges and never-ending learning curve that the rapidly changing world of technology provides. One site led to another, and here I am 12 years later, still learning and still loving technology.
3.  How did you first get involved with Drupal?
I had been exploring other CMSs for a few years and saw them only as a tool, each with strengths and weaknesses.  Then, I went to work at a company whose main website was an expensive proprietary reinvention of the wheel.  Every feature was a major project.  I had messed with Drupal for a couple of previous projects, so I had an idea of what kind of power it packed. The deeper I got into building the site, the more I saw Drupal as a career path, not just a tool.
4.   Is there a go-to Drupal module that you like to incorporate whenever possible?
I love working with the Redhen suite of modules.  I think Redhen has a lot of potential in the native Drupal CRM arena. 
5.   Do you have any recommended reading or books that you would suggest to others?
My favorite Drupal book is currently Jennifer Hodgdon's “Programmer's Guide to Drupal”.  It's a small book but packed with a lot of information.  I get something new out of it each time I read it. 
6.  Any mobile apps that you use regularly?
Where do I begin?  I'm a mobile junkie.  I'm convinced mobile is the way of the future, and I'm excited for the day that my cell phone doubles as my desktop with the flick of a bluetooth keyboard.  But to answer the question, my favorite apps are:

  • Runkeeper – even my dog has an account.  So far he's run, walked, or hiked over 500 miles in his short 10 months of life.
  • Kindle – unlimited books right in my pocket. 
  • Backcountry Navigator – this little GPS app navigated me across the Rockies on the Colorado Trail.  I never carried a single map. 
  • Safari To Go – unlimited access to almost any tech book 
  • Wegman's (a grocery store chain in the northeast U.S.) – I can find a recipe and it tells me exactly where in the store to find the ingredients 
  • Weather Bug - I'm secretly addicted to radar maps. 
  • Zite – where I follow industries and interests 
  • Pinterestlove the food category

7.  What do you like to do in your spare time?
My favorite things to do in my spare time are long distance running and hiking, dog training, and reading.  

8.   What do you like about Mediacurrent?
I'm really liking it at Mediacurrent and am enjoying several aspects.  First and foremost, the amount of Drupal passion, knowledge, and experience that exists in the company is absolutely astounding (and slightly intimidating!).  The transparency with which the company is run – both internally with staff and with clients – is a breath of fresh air.  And lastly, one of my pet peeves in life is unnecessary waste.  I've seen a lot of it in business and government.  So, one of the things I appreciate the most about Mediacurrent is the leanness and efficiency of the company and employees.

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