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Meet Chris Doherty

by Mediacurrent Team
October 8, 2015

Hi Chris!  What's your role at Mediacurrent, both internally and client-related?   
I'm a Senior Front End Developer.

Give us an idea of what professional path brought you here.
My background is in graphic design and my first job out of design school was at the Sapient Corporation in their New York office. I was designing web interfaces mostly for financial services clients. After that I moved to Atlanta and started a design firm with my wife. That was when I started writing my own code, working with Drupal and getting involved with the local Drupal community (which is where I met Dave Terry and Paul Chason). 

How did you first get involved with Drupal?
It was serendipitous. My wife and I had a design studio before I joined Mediacurrent and I was trying to find a CMS that I could easily set up for my clients. This was back in late 2008. I tried WordPress but it really didn’t do what I needed. A friend recommended Drupal. I installed it and haven’t stopped using it. 

What’s your proudest moment at Mediacurrent so far?
I can’t think of one specific moment. Any time I can make a client happy is a proud moment.

What aspect of your role do you enjoy most?
I like the fact that it continues to evolve and grow. As I said earlier, my first job was designing interfaces and handing them off to a front-end developer. Nowadays, I think you have to have a firm understanding of the technology because it’s so much more sophisticated. I feel like I’m constantly learning, which is a good thing.

Any mobile apps that you use regularly?
Twitter, Slack, some of the sports apps (MLB, in particular, is pretty great). 

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Spending time with my kids, swimming, running, and watching baseball games.

What do you like about Mediacurrent?
I love the people here; it’s a great team. Everyone is so open and helpful and people come from such diverse backgrounds. 

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