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Mediacurrent Says Cheers to 10 Years - A Retrospective

by Dave Terry
January 12, 2017

The following is an open letter I shared with our team the other week. The purpose of publishing this is intended to inspire future entrepreneurs who have undoubtedly faced adversity, to encourage others in a position of leadership to be transparent, and help recruit talent that aligns with Mediacurrent's culture.

If you have any thoughts on this topic, I would welcome your comments. We are hiring - you can find a listing of our job openings on our Careers page. Thank you!

Hello Team,

As we welcome in 2017, I hope you do not mind, but wanted to take a minute to reflect. As unpredictable, hectic, or stressful our lives can be at times it can become almost natural to take the people you work with for granted. So... “thank you” very much. Thank you for all your hard work. You are appreciated and valued for all the things - large and small - that you do on a daily basis.

2017 represents the 10th year Mediacurrent has been in business. It has been an amazing and humbling journey. It can also become easy to overlook wins or accomplishments. Essentially, Paul and I started out with nothing, but we had people and customers that believed in us. This has always been such an inspiration. More currently, 2016 will be the 9th consecutive year we’ve had double-digit percentage financial growth. We are consistently one of the top 10 contributors to the Drupal community in the world. We were acquired by Code and Theory and have successfully partnered with them on multiple projects. Code and Theory believed in the strength and equity of our brand. More than anything, Mediacurrent’s people and its purpose made us the company we have become. We have dealt with adversity, like the worst recession in all of our lifetimes, but always tried to focus on what we could directly control.

We are optimistic about the future. Open source software continues to gain momentum and is becoming the norm within the hallways of global corporations. We believe in Drupal 8’s value proposition as a platform that can revolutionize digital experiences. As we enter 2017, we will have a reputation for successfully completing and launching a myriad of Drupal 8 engagements for high profile brands across multiple verticals. There are very few agencies in the world that can say this, which makes Mediacurrent uniquely positioned in the marketplace. Our customer’s consistently tell us how critical the work we are doing is towards their mission and strategic goals. This should make you incredibly proud. Our team size is not just growing, but we are adding specialized talent that is allowing us to become more well-rounded. We will be better equipped to support and solve complex problems.

As much as we believe in open source technology, our strongest conviction is that culture is our only sustainable, competitive advantage. For us, culture has never been about buzzwords or values hung on a lobby wall. Culture is how a company makes you feel. We want Mediacurrent to be a positive, supportive, collaborative environment that helps you grow and develop professionally. If you are ever not feeling this, it would be easy to say the “door is always open.” The entire leadership team should and want to invite you inside the door. Empowerment, transparency, empathy, open communication and ongoing feedback should always be in our DNA.

Finally, being in business 10 years is considered a rarity these days. It is astonishingly hard. Please remember that the modest success we’ve had and our job security should never be considered an entitlement. In 2017 (and beyond), we will have new challenges. We will speak more to our priorities and vision at the upcoming annual “state of the union” company meeting. The most important will be exceeding our customer’s expectations and being extremely aligned as a team to achieve future success.  

We believe in you. Let's aspire to make the world a little bit better place and our 10th year the best ever! Are you ready?

Onward and upward!

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