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Mediacurrent Returns to Acquia Engage US as a Partner Sponsor

October 24, 2019

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This year’s annual Acquia Engage US conference is coming to New Orleans in November. The event brings together hundreds of business and technology leaders across the Acquia community to tackle today’s top digital challenges.

Engage is a mainstay on our calendar—we’ve returned to participate and sponsor every year since 2015, and can’t wait to be back.

Acquia Engage is a unique conference opportunity to connect with digital leaders. It has always been a must-attend...It's a fun, informative, and collaborative forum to share ideas and best practices...

Press release quote from Mediacurrent co-founder Dave Terry

 Here are a few upcomig highlights for this year’s event:

Our Team of Drupal Rockstars Are Attending

We have a diverse team of Mediacurrent team members attending, so drop by our booth with your most pressing digital strategy and Drupal questions. This team has launched dozens of enterprise Drupal 8 projects using the most advanced Drupal 8 architecture and distributions (Lift, Site Factory, decoupled, and more). 

Lately, we’ve been focused on gearing up for Drupal 9 with our Rain install profile, increasing conversion rates with Lift as a personalization tool, and decoupling Drupal with Gatsby.

headshots of Mediacurrent team attending Acquia Engage 2019

Dave Terry - Partner, Client Services
Josh Linard - VP of Sales
Jay Callicott - VP of Technical Operations
Kevin Basarab - VP of Delivery 

Acquia Engage Award Winners 

We’re honored to have won in two categories for the 2019 Acquia Engage Awards.  These awards recognize the amazing sites and digital experiences that leading digital agencies are building with the Acquia Platform. Winners will be announced during the event.

  • Best Return on Investment: CAS, a Division of the American Chemical Society and Mediacurrent partnered to launch a new Drupal 8 platform with responsive design and significant improvements to site speed and layout—all within a tight launch timeline.  
  • Open Source Giants: The Rain install profile was created by Mediacurrent to add out-of-the-box editorial, administrative and media enhancements to the core Drupal 8 installation. Modeled after distributions 'Acquia Lightning' and 'Thunder', the Rain profile packages and pre-configures many core and contributed modules to make building Drupal websites faster and easier. Best of all, it’s free and open source.

Lift Personalization Partners

We’ve expanded our long-time partnership with Acquia by becoming an official Lift implementation partner. Our team and clients are loving the latest release of Acquia Lift that puts website personalization directly into the hands of marketers (no coding needed). If you’re evaluating Lift for your business or looking to ramp up your personalization strategy in 2020, we can help.  

Connect with Us 

Stop by our booth and pick up a t-shirt and tell us what you love about Acquia Engage. 

Will you be at Engage 2019? Book a meeting with our team or message us on the Acquia Engage app!

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