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Mediacurrent to Redesign City of Memphis Website

Today, we are pleased to announce that Mediacurrent  is part of a project team selected to do a major website redesign for the City of Memphis, Tennessee. The City of Memphis will move off of their current ASP-based platform to Drupal and the OpenPublic distribution.  We will be teaming up with two partners on the engagement – Linx Consulting, a Memphis based information technology services provider, and Phase2 Technology the creators of OpenPublic.
Drupal has already made significant inroads with federal agencies. The flagship and catalyst was the launch of  in 2009. More recently, there has been continued momentum at the state level with the Georgia Technology Authority’s major announcement last month that they were moving 65 agency sites off of the proprietary content management system (CMS) Vignette to Drupal.
Mediacurrent is extremely excited about this project. It represents a tremendous opportunity to expand Drupal adoption within local municipalities. It also gives us a chance to collaborate with our close partner, Phase2 Technology. More than ever, government organizations crave the transparency, flexibility, and cost savings that OpenPublic offers. The City of Memphis’s redesigned website will introduce more modern social networking capabilities, allow for citizen feedback via online polling, and in general offer a more user-friendly experience for site visitors.
The City of Memphis is not in a unique situation by any means. There are numerous government websites that were built on legacy systems that have become out-dated. Memphis’s current website was built in 2001. This is where Drupal and OpenPublic really shine.  Most public sector agencies have massive amounts of data that need to be properly stored and highly accessible without impacting performance or scalability.  OpenPublic provides a government specific Drupal platform that is customizable, robust, and adept at handling high-traffic sites that need top-notch security measures.
We look forward to starting on the project next month and keeping everyone updated on our progress.



Meet team member, Dave Terry

Dave Terry is a Co-Founder and partner of Mediacurrent. In his role, he leverages a wide acumen of business and entrepreneurial experience to execute operational objectives. Dave plays a key...

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