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Mediacurrent Receives a Round of Applause for

October 3, 2013

Ever stop to think about how much of an impact trees have on everyday life? Since the beginning of time, trees have provided humankind with two very obvious benefits - food and oxygen. As life has evolved, so has the importance of trees. We have found their utility to be ever increasing as they purify soil, clean air, control noise pollution, shade and cool homes, and increase property value along with many other advantages.

Texas Trees Launches on Drupal

Mediacurrent's long term client, Donovan Dillon from Dallas-based, approached us with a challenge from the Texas Trees Foundation (TTF). They wanted to create an educational and fun site that would spread the word on just how extremely important trees are to everyone's lives. Texas Trees Foundation is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to creating healthy communities through tree planting, education, outreach, and advocacy. TTF's goal is to create more livable communities, and better land stewards through a variety of initiatives, programs, projects, and partnerships.

Our challenge consisted of building a site that would serve as a go-to site for everything trees, and be an informational yet entertaining online resource that would attract experts and novices alike. To fulfill this goal, we brought our Drupal development and design expertise to the table for the launch of - an attractive, engaging, and informative resource. The site was paired with an easy-to-manage content management system that didn't require expertise in HTML, or other web development efforts in order to input new data. This new interactive site offers many resources to teach both children and adults about the importance of trees, and how they affect and provide benefits for our lives.

To promote content and raise awareness about trees and proper arboricultural practices, the site offers many features:

  • Library of expert articles
  • Blogs
  • eLearning modules
  • Upcoming events and job postings to really become a part of the Trees community

To top it all off, test your knowledge by taking a fun Texas Tree Smart quiz. If you pass, you are presented with official Texas Tree Smart Certificate of Accomplishment that is customized and printable. Or, play an interactive tree planting game that will educate you on the proper places to plant trees!

Mediacurrent's development and design work on was so well received during the site's demonstraton to TTF and sponsor Oncor, that there was a literal round of applause for the hard work spent. 


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