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Mediacurrent to Present Seven Sessions at Drupalcon Baltimore

Selected sessions for Drupalcon Baltimore have just been announced!

From security and Drupal 8 site building to digital transformation and international SEO, check out what the Mediacurrent team has in store for this year’s Drupalcon:

Multilingual in Drupal 8: A soup to nuts guide featuring and

 Dan Polant headshot  

   Speakers: Jay Callicott and Dan Polant
   Session Track: Site Building

Building a Multilingual site can be intimidating. In Drupal 8, the tools for internationalization are better than ever but there’s still much to do to get up and running. To localize a Drupal 8 site you will need to know what modules to enable and how to configure them.

Not a coder? Not a problem - no coding required. In this session, we will walk you through step by step how to configure a multilingual site, referencing case study examples from and We’ll show you how to configure content types and fields. We’ll show you how to translate text strings. We’ll show you how translation providers use connector modules to integrate with Drupal. And much, much more! Read more about Jay and Dan's Multilingual in Drupal 8 session

Raising The Security Bar with Guardr

Mark Shropshire headshot

   Speaker: Mark Shropshire
   Session Track: Site Building

Guardr maintainers have worked with the security departments of corporations, U.S. banks, and the U.S. Federal Government, combining security standards to not only pick out some great hardening modules but also to configure them during install with hardened settings. Why download and configure individual modules whenGuardr can do the heavy-lifting for you? 

In this session, attendees will learn aboutGuardr's philosophy, features, and how to start new projects with Guardr. Let's raise the bar on Drupal security with a more streamlined approach. Read more about Mark's security session.


Designer to Developer: How to Go from Paper to Styleguide (and Still Remain Friends)

Carie Fisher headshot Chris D.

   Speakers: Carie Fisher and Chris Doherty 
   Session Track: UX/ Content Strategy

Even the best laid project plans can have gaps when the project shifts from ideation/design to front-end development. In this session, Chris and Carie will walk through the workflow of transforming an 'idea on paper' into a living styleguide, how having a styleguide benefits all involved in the process, from designer to client, from the beginning to the end of a project. Read more about Chris and Carie's session on how to master the handoff from design to development.


Optimizing Your Site For The World To See: International SEO

Jen Slemp headshot

   Speakers: Jen Slemp and Calvin Scharffs, Lingotek
   Session Track: UX/Content Strategy

Even though search engines are becoming more sophisticated every day, International SEO is still incredibly complicated and getting search engines to serve language and country specific content can feel a little like witchcraft. Lucky for you, Drupal 8 is naturally search engine friendly and with a little planning, we’ll have you getting rankings in no time. Read more about Jen's SEO session

Buzzword Blitz: What You Need To Know About Digital Transformation and Drupal

   Speaker: Shellie Hutchens
   Session Track: Business

Omnichannel. IOT. Big Data. Personalization. Digital Transformation. If written today, PT Barnum’s famous phrase might have read, “There’s a buzzword born every minute.” But what do these phrases and trends really mean to your organization? Join us for a game of Buzzword Bingo where we plan to give you our take on these and other popular, oft-used phrases consuming the Marketing, Digital, and Business industries today. Read more about what you'll learn about Digital Transformation and Drupal from Shellie's session.

Beyond the .Com: Drupal's new role in the Large Enterprise

   Speaker: Josh Linard
   Session Track: Business

In order to continue to grow your career with Drupal, it’s important to understand where the digital, web design and development marketplace is going - and where Drupal fits into it.  Who better to explore in this endeavor than those organizations who are trying to solve the most complex digital, IT and marketing challenges on a global scale: The Large Enterprise. This session is less about Gartner rankings and CMS comparisons, and more about you gaining an understanding how Drupal now fits into a global organization’s product roadmap in 2017 and beyond. After all, it’s not just an ECMS anymore! Read more about the state of Drupal in the Enterprise in Josh's session abstract.


Forecasting Innovation:’s Emerging Technology Story 

Matt Davis headshot

   Speakers: Matt Davis and Jeremy Dickens
   Session Track: Drupal Showcase

Keeping up with where technology is heading is difficult: not only is the landscape constantly changing, but the rate at which it is changing is accelerating. By building experience with new technologies and relationships within their constituent communities, we can partner with our clients in being leaders shaping the technologies of the future around their business needs, instead of reacting to trends by looking towards integrations after foundational decisions have already been made.

The Weather Company (an IBM business), in partnership with Mediacurrent, has an incredible track record of not just keeping up with innovation, but driving it. When originally launched on Drupal back in 2014, we set a new standard for just how high a trafficked site could be hosted on Drupal. We built a progressively decoupled site well before they became a hot topic in the Drupal world. But we didn’t stop there. Read more about this session and the future of


Meet team member, Tara Arnold

In her as role as Senior Marketing Content Strategist, Tara drives the creation of resources to promote Mediacurrent as a thought leader in the technology space. She thrives on the...

Learn more about Tara >
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