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Mediacurrent to Present at Decoupled Dev Days NYC

The Mediacurrent team is excited to be supporting the inaugural Decoupled Dev Days event in NYC this week (August 19-20) as organizers and sponsors! We hope you’ll be joining us, however, we know how busy summer weekends can be so we will be sharing session recordings after the event.

Why Decoupled?

That’s simple - decoupled is an important conversation for any business wanting to separate their front end and back end interfaces. It opens the door to a variety of potential programming languages and design philosophies to accomplish business goals.

Our very own Matt Davis along with Acquia’s Preston So will be kicking off the event with Opening Remarks, with insight into why this event was started and the future of decoupled, don’t be late!

Angular and Drupal: A Compelling Combo

Speakers: Matt Davis and Stephen Fluin, Google

The goal of this session is to provide an overview of the options building with Angular will open to you and your users. Attendees should expect to walk away with greater understanding of the capabilities and best practices of the framework and surrounding ecosystem, as well as new ideas about how to incorporate it into their next Drupal project.

Using JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for REST authentication

Speaker: Edward Chan

This session will provide an introduction to JSON Web Tokens (JWT) (, advantages over other authentication methods, and how to use it to authenticate requests to Drupal REST resources. After this session, attendees will have a better understanding of how JWTs work and will be able to set up and use JWT for authenticating REST requests in Drupal.

Matt will take the stage again at the end of the day for Closing Remarks.  Be sure to stick around to hear stats from the weekend and then head over to the Happy Hour at Ace Hotel NY.

You can see the full program and all sessions on the event website.

If you are attending and snap an awesome picture of one of the Team MC presenters, share it with us (@mediacurrent) on your favorite social platform: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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