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Mediacurrent: On Offering Drupal Training

In the beginning of the year, Mediacurrent announced an alliance with Open Source Training. For the past few months, the partnership remained largely dormant as we found it difficult to balance the demands of Drupal site-building, while expanding our training services. Ultimately, we decided that we needed a dedicated resource to exclusively focus on Drupal training initiatives. With that said, we are pleased to announce Jordan Schmitt as Mediacurrent’s new Director of Drupal Training.

Jordan is a former middle-school teacher, who has dual degrees in Education and Computer Science. While teaching, Jordan began to pursue a passion for web development and discovered Drupal over 4 years ago. He joined the Virginia-Pilot’s Interactive Media Team and helped facilitate one of the more robust Drupal-powered newspaper web site launches in the country. The role at Mediacurrent will allow Jordan to leverage his education and well-rounded Drupal background. Jordan will wear several different hats. Jordan’s job description will include conducting live training events, workshops, producing video tutorials, and assist Mediacurrent customers self-administer their Drupal site upon launch. All of the courses and curriculum will be aimed at giving both experienced and inexperienced professionals a more thorough understanding of Drupal.

Due to the continued demand for Drupal training, we felt the timing was imperative to push forward with expanding our training division. We are excited to continue our alliance with Open Source Training, especially on the heels of Drupal 7 being released. Dries himself has indicated how critical he thinks the training and educating of Drupalistas will be to the future of Drupal. In particular, there is a really thirsty audience in our geographic area (SouthEast USA).

Finally, Mediacurrent is always interested in forming new relationships and partnerships. If you are interested in hearing more about our Drupal training offerings please contact us. We welcome your feedback!


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