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Mediacurrent is Gearing Up for NYC Camp

July 15, 2015

We all know one of the best things about Drupal is the community. If you’re looking to learn more or make connections, there’s almost always a meet-up, camp or other event nearby.  

Some of those camps, like NYC Camp, have grown into almost mini-cons with Sprints, Summits and great Sessions. This year’s NYC Camp promises to be an event to remember and the Mediacurrent team is looking forward to attending. We’re sending 10 of our team members, several who have already arrived and participated in yesterday’s Sprints. Here’s what some of our team members are looking forward to most:

Damien McKenna: “Being in the same location as Panopoly sprinters so I can collaborate with them. Also, some of the sessions, e.g. someone's doing a Panelizer session so it'll be interesting to see how someone else uses it. Hanging out with the MC folks and seeing some friends again.”

Dawn Aly: “Learning more about shared challenges various industries face and how they're trying to solve them from the summits.”

Matt Goodwin: “Programming is a super-power and we can & should use it for good so I’m looking forward to the Tech for Good session and several on Accessibility. Also, Seeing & meeting people you only get to see & meet at Camps and Cons and meeting a few Mediacurrent folks in person for the first time.”

Alex McCabe: “I’m participating in the D8 sprint and looking forward to seeing the MC team and other friends attending who I don’t see often."

Eddie Edenfield: “I’m interested all of the D8 sessions and the Devops minicamp. I plan on checking out the Higher Ed Summit as well.”

Mediacurrent's Sessions

As usual, Mediacurrent has been working on challenging projects and we’re looking forward to sharing our experiences and knowledge in several sessions, including:

Your Drupal Site is a Platform

Saturday, July 18, 9:00-9:45am

Jay Callicott, Director of Development, shares his philosophy for treating every custom Drupal site as a platform, making sure that all features and configuration are stored in the code. His approach applies to both Drupal 7 and 8 and the session will explore code from both.

Growth Hacking with Content, Marketing Automation & Drupal

Saturday, July 18, 3:30-4:15pm

When it comes to Marketing Automation and Drupal, Mediacurrent is focused on leveraging both technologies, as well as quality content, to increase conversions. Shellie Hutchens, Director of Marketing, shares several ‘growth hacks’ Mediacurrent has discovered for this process.

Drupal 8 Theming with Entity References and Display Modes

Sunday, July 19, 1:00-1:45pm

With D8 is still in beta and many of the most popular contributed modules for theming not ready for production, how do you handle complex, easily manageable layouts? Join Chris Doherty, Senior Front-End Developer, to learn more about how we tackled theming in D8 for Manhattan Associates, including a live demo to show how our approach is flexible for both themers and content editors.

OMG Drupal 8 is Scary! 

Day and Time TBD

Drupal 8 and Symfony comes with a big, new vocabulary.  Do you know them all?  Join Derek DeRaps, Senior Drupal Developer, for a lively, enlightening demo and discussion on the Drupal 8/Symfony universe.

Finally, make sure to stop by our table at the Partner Pavilion on Saturday from 9:00AM - 5:30PM.  Our team will be there to discuss your current projects and share ideas. We look forward to seeing you at the UN this weekend.


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