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Mediacurrent Fantasy Football 2016: Week 1 Recap

by Mark Casias
September 13, 2016

Football season is here and once again the Mediacurrent has set up a fantasy football league in our #misc-sportsball Slack channel. It’s a chance to talk smack to each other and hopefully drown out the few people who only seem to want to talk about college football. I volunteered to be the commissioner again this year, which means I get to write the occasional update on how the league goes. You can actually skip my banter here and follow along at home at I missed my chance to write up a recap on how the draft went, but that just means I get to tell you about week 1. Of course my updates are more likely to be on weeks that I win, so let’s face it, kids, I’ll probably not be writing that often. So let’s get into it, starting from the points leaders and down.

HeHateMe v Jonny’sSloopySeconds 142.30 - 134.14
Sales VP extraordinaire Josh Linard rages into the league beating last years winner, Greg Maynard. Greg is actually a local New Mexico resident who I play hockey with and wins the “Most Inappropriate Team Name” award. Not that he did bad, as he got the second highest points for the week so if he would have played anyone else, he would have scored the win. For Josh, DeAngelo Williams really stepped up for him scoring almost 30 points alone. I feel these two teams will be in the top of every recap this season.

Illadelphia Iggles v NH Primaries 121.90 - 104.72
Another newcomer to the league, and Mediacurrent, Michael Wojcik came in and defeated veteran Matt Goodwin with big numbers coming from Andrew Luck. It is interesting, as Matt was the first smack talker to claim he would finish the season undefeated. But maybe he didn’t tell Philip Rivers, who scored less than half as many points as Andrew Luck. Matt’s only shining light was AJ Green, who pulled in 24 points.

Ickey Shuffle v Mansplain it again? 121.08 - 111.86
This seems to be the week for the newbies, as another newbie to the league comes up big against another long time player. OK, this is only the second year of this league, but still. Anyway, founding partner of Mediacurrent, Paul Chason, brought it big this week against last year’s Lone Woman, Shellie Hutchens. Interestingly, Paul’s biggest scorer was the Minnesota defense, over any of his other players, while Shellie fell victim to the curse of Gronk, again. Shellie had a lot of good scorers, but without Gronkowski and the fact that Dez Bryant took the week off, apparently, she came up short.

Benevolent Dictators v Bayo Fodeke’s Team 111.56 - 100.14
Yours truly came up big against the least originally named team in the league, though it was way closer than I wanted it to be. Fortunately for me, Carlos Hyde brought the points to me late, and led my 49ers to victory over the Rams. Bayo got some great points from Arizona as Carson Palmer, David Johnson and the AZ defense scored big for him, but had three players who scored less than 1 point this week. Still, going into the last game of the week, Bayo was leading and I needed, and got big numbers from the Niners. Note: After reading this post, Bayo went and changed his team name to Tmux, however it's too late. He has been officially mocked.

Donald Trump’s Hair v John Cena for Prez 111.06 - 108.12
That’s right, kids, we are getting political in here. Both in their second season of the league, Mediacurrents’ Ryan Gibson defeated Kalamuna’s Justin Rhodes in one of the closer matchups this week. Much like Paul, Ryan got a lot of love from a position that normally doesn’t bring it. His kicker, Blair Walsh was his main point producer for the week. Justin had a great outing by Drew Brees, but unfortunately had a large hole in the tight end position, getting a goose egg from Gary Barnidge.

PatPatriot SuperSpy v Hatriots 106.76 - 84.82
This is definitely going to be called the Rivalry of the week, and biggest blowout, as James Rutherford, big fan of New England, trounced the one person who dared speak ill of the Patriots, and new player, Kelly Dassing. James, who ironically didn’t play a single Patriot, got big numbers out of Cam Newton and Danny Woodhead, while Kelly played her team well, but didn’t get the work from Russell Wilson or Eddie Lacy. These two had a big buildup of smack talk leading to the week. Note: James would like to point out that Danny Woodhead was a former Patriot and was super stoked he could pick him up in round 11 of the draft.



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