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Mediacurrent – Drupalcon Session Proposals

San Francisco here we come! Mediacurrent has submitted a cross-section of sessions for Drupalcon that we are looking forward to sharing with the Drupal community. This is always a special time to network, swap stories with our partners, and get educated.

Here is a brief synopsis of what we would like to present – please vote if any of these 5 sessions are of particular interest:

Jay Callicott has submitted a more in-depth follow-up session to his popular Drupalcamp Atlanta presentation on Views 2.0; attendees will leave with a deep understanding of how to use Views more effectively and other contributory modules can be leveraged to harness the full power of Views.

Jay has also proposed a session on the options available for creating subscriber based Drupal sites by leveraging Ubercart with access control modules. The overview will include Ubercart basics, roles, actual case studies, and everything you need to know to orient yourself with an e-commerce site based in Drupal.

Mediacurrent’s managing partner, Paul Chason, will help organizations who need guidance migrating their current website into Drupal. Paul will delve into how to scope, manage, and discuss best practices for executing a successful migration project. In addition, he will showcase an actual case study and discuss the lessons learned along the way.

Chris Hales will provide a detailed overview of Subversion, the version control system commonly known as SVN. Chris will help clear up the misconception that SVN is only applicable for projects with multiple developers and explain why SVN should be considered an invaluable tool for even the smallest of websites.

Finally, I will join an all-star panel of community leaders in a moderated discussion that will share our experiences of running a Drupal based consultancy. We’ll take you inside the day-to-day operations of a Drupal shop and help everyone from sole practitioners thinking about starting their own agency to existing owners looking for fresh ideas.

We look forward to seeing you at Drupalcon and would really appreciate your votes – thanks!

Dave Terry

Meet team member, Dave Terry

Dave Terry is a Co-Founder and partner of Mediacurrent. In his role, he leverages a wide acumen of business and entrepreneurial experience to execute operational objectives. Dave plays a key...

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