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Mediacurrent Drops In On Drupal Training

by Mediacurrent Team
February 2, 2011

The famous Greek philosopher Aristotle stated, “Excellence is an art won by training and habituation.”  Aristotle's dialogues have been used to teach an array of subjects  from physics to poetry.  Mediacurrent has heeded Aristotle's words and has recently stood up a new training division.    As countless Drupal sites are launched daily across the web the demand for sound Drupal specific training has exploded.    The increased number of  Drupal books published over the last several years mirror the Drupal community’s desire for increased training.


With the launch of Drupal 7,  Mediacurrent is currently in the process of developing a series of subscription based Drupal 7 tutorials.  We are taking a “short and sweet” approach to learning with each session averaging a run time of five minutes.  The Beginner series targets the non-technical user.  The goal of this series is to introduce the fundamentals of Drupal and build confidence.  The Intermediate series will expand on the core principles of Drupal.  The user will come out of this series ready to tackle a Drupal project on their own.  Rather than offer a generic Advanced series, we have decided to offer two tracks geared for developers and designers/themers.  Once you get to this stage in the Drupal world, we feel the majority of people will fall into one of these categories.


In order to make immediate traction in the Drupal training world, Mediacurrent has allied itself with Open Source Training and Acquia.  Together we will offer live training events that target both beginner and intermediate Drupal enthusiasts.  These live training events will primarily be found on the East Coast.  In fact, we will be in Washington D.C. on Feb. 10th and 11th to conduct a two-day training event. The course material is being updated to reflect the advances of Drupal 7.  


If a class is not scheduled in your area or a date does not meet your needs, Mediacurrent can easily come to your organization for private, custom, on-site client training.  If your company has general Drupal needs our standard curriculum will be a perfect match. 


We firmly believe an educated client creates customer loyalty.  One area where a client's needs are often not met involves training.  Without proper knowledge transfer, clients are often left floundering to maintain the gorgeous website that was just handed over to them.  One of my primary duties as Mediacurrent's Director of Drupal Training is to shore up this issue by formalizing the hand-off process.  A collection of videos, user guides, and Drupal book pages are currently being tweaked, examined, and developed by Mediacurrent's team.  Our goal is to standardize the majority of the training materials and sprinkle in customizations where necessary.  In the end, we want every customer to take ownership of their site.


In summary, we are excited and committed to Mediacurrent's newest division.  In the spirit of open source we pledge to share our experiences with the Drupal community.  If you are interested in learning more about Mediacurrent's training offerings do not hesitate to contact us.

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