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Mediacurrent Dropcast: Episode 9

August 10, 2015

This episode we have our first non-Mediacurrent employee as a guest. Tim Plunkett, comes on to the show to talk about Drupal 8 and its current state. Ain’t that great? We also talk about the ongoing battle between Drush and Composer for building projects, discuss the Commerce Kickstart distribution, and argue about the names of our segments. Mark has more Drupal 8 News and Ryan, as always, brings the show to a grinding halt with The Final Bell.

Episode 9 Audio Download Link

Show Updates:

Mediacurrent Blog Mentions:

  • Empathetic Project Management  by Stuart Broz - Customer Success Manager  - Need to partner with your customers, not compete with them.

    • What is empathy?  Empathy is the ability to understand and share another person’s feelings. It is an important skill for any customer-facing position.  Part  of Mediacurrent’s culture.  We are very empathetic.  

    • May require a mindset change for Project Managers to be more empathetic.  The more empathic they are to the customer’s and team needs - the more the Project Manager can guide the project to success.   Lots of other good tips so read the blog.

Special Guest: Tim Plunkett

    • Who are you?

    • What is your current role?

    • What parts of Drupal 8 have you worked on?

    • Do you think Drupal 8's move to a more object oriented architecture will increase developer happiness and adoption or hurt it on the whole?

    • Has PHP improved since Drupal 7 was released? It received a lot of hate and criticism, is that criticism still valid?

      • Note: Might be a good idea to have some example criticism that PHP typically receives?

    • Is Drupal 8 going to be more complex to test?

    • Do you have any tips on testing Drupal 8?

    • Is Drupal 8 going to be more secure?

    • Have you finished Panels for D8 and if not, Damien has requested you do it by the end of this episode…..


  • Daniel from Dartmouth says Hi.

Module of the Now:


This week in Drupal 8:

The Final Bell: