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Mediacurrent Dropcast: Episode 6

June 9, 2015

This episode we have a special guest, Mickey Williamson, who talks about the importance of Web Accessibility. We also talk about developing a restful todo application with Backbone.js and as always, Drupal 8 updates and other Drupal news. If you would like to be a guest or have any questions, email us at


Bob, Ryan, Mark, Michelle Williamson

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  • Interview with Mickey Williamson.

    • Question: What does it mean to make a site accessible? Accessible to who?

    • Question: Why is it important to make a site accessible. What are the benefits to the site owner?

    • Question: When in the life cycle of a project should accessibility be addressed?

    • Question: How accessible is Drupal out of the box?

    • Question: Are there any tools you recommend to test accessibility?



  • Fire Eyes Accessibility Checker -


  • Batting .000 on this. Do we need a question bot?

Article 2:

This week in Drupal 8:

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