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Mediacurrent Dropcast: Episode 6

by Mark Casias
June 9, 2015

This episode we have a special guest, Mickey Williamson, who talks about the importance of Web Accessibility. We also talk about developing a restful todo application with Backbone.js and as always, Drupal 8 updates and other Drupal news. If you would like to be a guest or have any questions, email us at


Bob, Ryan, Mark, Michelle Williamson

Show Updates (Mark):

Weekly Drop Plug:

Mediacurrent Blog Mentions (Bob):

Article 1 (Ryan, et al.):

  • Interview with Mickey Williamson.

    • Question: What does it mean to make a site accessible? Accessible to who?

    • Question: Why is it important to make a site accessible. What are the benefits to the site owner?

    • Question: When in the life cycle of a project should accessibility be addressed?

    • Question: How accessible is Drupal out of the box?

    • Question: Are there any tools you recommend to test accessibility?



  • Fire Eyes Accessibility Checker -


  • Batting .000 on this. Do we need a question bot?

Article 2:

This week in Drupal 8:

The final bell:


Meet team member, Markie Casias

Mark brings a fifteen year programming background and six years of Drupal experience to his role as Senior Drupal Developer at Mediacurrent. Highly involved in his local web community, Mark runs the ABQ Webgeeks Group and started the Albuquerque Drupal Users group. A former radio personalit

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